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Daniel Carda

Senior Java Application Specialist


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Innovative solutions oriented Senior Software Engineer with over 36 years of experience as a Developer, Solution Designer, and Architect.

Well-versed in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle, with a strong working knowledge of algorithms and data structures. Proven success engineering customized solutions improving business processes, operations and profitability. Extremely strong advocate of component based architecture and test driven development.

Extensive experience in developing distributed J2EE Enterprise Applications and expertise in implementing Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) with Java, J2EE. Experienced in using Agile and Waterfall models of software development. Experience in full System Development Life Cycle (Process Engineering, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment Support).

Primary focus for the past 10 years has been on applications solution design and development (back-end mostly) using WebLogic or JBoss J2EE application servers concentrating on a combination of J2EE components, such as EJB’s, JSP’s/Servlets, and JMS. Additional experience includes Java/Swing GUI programming and interfacing to various databases platforms.


Work History



Senior Java Application Specialist

First Data, Greenwood Village, CO

Responsible for application design and development for the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) applications on a distributed platform. This is a high volume, high availability payment processing system executing in a multi-tier environment. My group is responsible for the public input methods via Web UI, Web Services, and a Windows Rich Client. This includes the IRS’s DirectPay website, the EFTPS Online Website and the downloadable Batch Provider Client Swing application. Additionally, worked on numerous in-house custom applications.

Worked independently with IT functional units and business units. Recommend strategies for broad system improvements.

Responsible for analyzing, prototyping, coding, testing, documenting, application software.

Part of my responsibilities involves supporting existing business systems applications. Work on billable revenue generating projects for EFTPS; collaborate with senior developers, business analysts, project managers across teams to identify business needs and build appropriate technical solutions.

Ensure adherence to established standards and consults with senior architects on technology solutions.

Wrote an extensive battery of integration tests using Selenium. These tests assure the behavior of the DirectPay application met or exceeded the agreed-to written specifications. The Selenium tests started catching problems almost from their inception thus paying for themselves time and again. During our last release the IRS was extremely pleased with the stability and behavior of the application.

The EFTPS application suite is built on a foundation of Java, Spring, Swing, Spring Web Flow, Tomcat, Selenium and several other J2EE technologies. Stability and usability are paramount for this site as the IRS accepts tax payments from this website. This results in significant revenue for the United States government.

Perform additional job duties as required.


Senior Java Engineer

Douglas County, Castle Rock, CO

Corrects identified bugs encountered through the development and support processes in both the unit testing process and the formal Quality Assurance process.

Participates in a team-based, Scrum, development environment.

Primary focus on Production Support activities with an emphasis in quickly fixing and deploying highly visible production issues.

Unit tests developed software prior to formal testing by the Quality Assurance staff.

Adheres to established Douglas County best practices, standards and agreed upon design patterns for application development, application design, user interfaces, integration, naming, and testing.

Analyzes and understands business users’ requirements, clarifying inconsistencies, conflicts, or ambiguities, to effectively model business processes in software.


Senior Solution Developer

IQNavigator, Centennial, CO

Perform Agile design, development and implementation of product features and unit tests for multi-tier RESTful service applications utilizing Grails, Groovy, GORM/Hibernate, Spring, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Jenkins, Nexus, Confluence, Jira and FishEye.

Assist with the design and implement new centralized authentication system (CAS), integrating into the existing Front Office (FO) web application and the new Falcon web application. The CAS allows users to navigate between both applications securely, using CAS and Spring Security, without having to login multiple times (SSO).

Technologies: Groovy on Grails (v 2.4.4), Hibernate, Jersey, Logback, CAS (authentication server), Postgres database, Oracle database, Spock Unit Tests, Java 7, Spring.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform development in an Agile environment, consistently meeting the commitments of the sprint.
  • Design and implement migration of account information using Groovy/Grails, from the existing Front Office (FO) web application to the new Falcon web application. Migrate data from Oracle to Postgres, creating new data structure design.
  • Create prototype as well as conduct demonstrations and various training exercises for the customer.
  • Collaborate with Product Owners, Data Modeling and Architecture team to define requirements.


Senior Architect / Developer

Time Warner Telecom (now Level3), Centennial, CO

Built, and consumed, REST and SOAP Web Services for various applications.

For nearly 20 years, tw telecom has delivered managed data, Internet and voice networking solutions to businesses and large organizations throughout the U.S. My role at tw telecom is to work mainly on the network provisioning side of the house. My tasking involves infrastructure projects which are targeted at automating the initial provisioning process for network devices. By removing the human-element from the provisioning process tw twlecom is experiencing savings estimated at millions per year in reduced errors, improved provisioning times, and an improved customer experience. Not to mention the ability to handle a significant number of additional customers without increasing support staff.

  • Working with tw telecom’s Field Operations, Sales, Marketing, and the Service Delivery and Maintenance NOCs to gather requirements directly from the end user through observation and questioning. With that information, the day-to-day processes will be assessed for potential system enhancements.
  • Extensive use of Java and threading for creating production solutions.
  • Extensive use of JBoss as a J2EE container.
  • Extensive use of Oracle 11g and MySQL 5.1 for the persistence layer.
  • Built a Java interface to Genband QFLEX SIP ESBC EMS device controller.
  • Built a Java interface for the FortiNET networking device.
  • Build a Java interface for the Overture 1400 and 6000 networking devices.
  • QPid ESB and web services are used for inter-application communication.


Senior Software Engineer / Consultant

ECS, Centennial, CO

American Arbitration Association – Senior ADF Developer

05/2011 – 10/2011

The American Arbitration Association® (AAA) provides services to individuals and organizations who wish to resolve conflicts out of court.

  • Participated on team to rewrite AAA’s entire software offering. The user-facing GUI was written in Oracle ADF running under an 11g WebLogic J2EE container.
  • In addition to programming support, wrote Use Cases and Design Specifications.

Copic Insurance Company – Senior WebLogic Consultant

04/2011 – 05/2011

COPIC Insurance strives to be the premier diversified service organization providing for the professional liability insurance and other needs of the health care community through advocacy, through innovation and through the commitment and dedication of our employees.

  • As part of their upgrade strategy migrated their web-based apps from WebLogic 8.1 to Oracle WebLogic 11g. This includes not only code modifications, but also SQL upgrades, upgrading libraries, creating new build scripts, provisioning the Test and Production systems, and follow on support.

WildBlue Communications – Senior SOA Developer

08/2010 – 05/2011

WildBlue Internet is a unique player in the ISP world. Rather than offering a direct-connect service they offer Internet connection service via one of their many satellites parked in geosynchronous orbit.

  • Responsible for infrastructure improvements. These improvements included using technologies such as Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle DBMS, Oracle BPEL, Web Services, SOA, BPEL, ADF and several others. The ultimate goal of these improvements was to stabilize and augment existing functionality, while providing a platform for global expansion.
  • Architected and developed the International Address Validation component. This now accepts an address from any country in the world (including Lat/Long coordinates) and attempt to run edits and validate the address.

IHS – Senior JBoss Consultant

08/2010 – 08/2010

IHS is a global information company employing over 5100 worldwide and offering data solutions to clients all over the world.

  • Was engaged by IHS to perform a comprehensive evaluation of their current JBoss infrastructure and make recommendations with regard to both stabilizing their current system, and recommending additional hardware, software, and failover suggestions to improve the system moving forward.
  • Almost 100% of the recommendations were approved and have either been implemented or are waiting on budget funding. Additionally, the document produced has become defacto JBoss “how to” document.

SquareTwo Financial – Senior ADF Developer

01/2008 – 08/2010

Project eAGLE (STARS rebuild) The world’s largest and most complex debt asset management and recovery system. Utilizing an Oracle Fusion scalable Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA platform) the Oracle Fusion platform allows the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). RIA’s are used by a network of franchise customers for the administration of the recovery process in the debt purchasing and collections industry.

  • Built one of the two most used components; Worklists. Worklists are stopping points in a business flow which require human intervention. Using Oracle’s ADF framework created a single table grid control to act as a main display point for the 35+ Worklists. Populated the table grid using JDeveloper’s static Business Components (BC’s). Set up a Factory Method Pattern framework to handle the specific events generated by each Worklist. Set up specific screens specifically tuned for each Worklist using Oracle ADF
  • Interface with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and the user community to derive requirements
  • Using the requirements, created use case and design documents
  • Created documentation, design and implemented rich user interfaces using Oracle’s Java ADF (Application Development Framework) and JDeveloper products
  • Worked with QA to assure all development matched referenced documentation.


Architect / Senior Developer

Jeppesen – A Boeing Company, Englewood, CO

Converted Ant builds into Maven builds.

Project: ENI (Electronic NOTAM’s) subsystem created flight notices to Airmen. System captured NOTAM’s from multiple countries and stored in an Oracle database. System was written in Java on WebLogic 9.2.1., ported to version 10, and used EJB’s, Servlets, Struts, and JMS.

  • As WebLogic Administrator for Dev, QA, and Production ENI environments monitored log files (Production only) on a daily basis. Checked for errors and entered a Change Request
  • Designed and implemented components for JAD (Jeppesen Aviation Data) system using Java, JDBC, and SQL. This is central repository for the bulk of Jeppesen’s aviation related data. And feeds 12+ other major subsystems
  • On eNFDD (electronic National Flight Data Digest) project designed several Java components integrated into a TIBCO workflow. Components downloaded XML files from the FAA and stored in data warehouse


Senior Developer

Standard & Poor’s, Englewood, CO

Historical stock query system allowed (paying) users access data which was normalized across countries and denominations.

  • Developed code for the security subsystem on the application server
  • Administrator of Crystal Enterprise XI and Business Objects XI R2 in a clustered environment.


Senior Architect

ECC Development Services, Longmont, CO

Message driven service architecture for Citigroup call centers

  • Designed and implemented a message driven service architecture for Citigroup, Inc. This architecture was designed for call centers and required interfacing to everything from Cicso call routers to Amdahl mainframes.
  • Utilizing Object Oriented Design methodology, with a heavy emphasis on unit testing, the system delivered was described as “bullet-proof” by Citigroup.
  • The system utilized Java, WebLogic, JNBridge, JMS, socket programming, and JUnit.


Chief Solution Architect


DOD Defense Travel System (DTS) – automated travel procurement/booking system intended to reduce travel costs.

  • Designed and implemented an EJB service access layer to access legacy Progress 4GL code, Progress database tables, and Oracle tables for the Department of Defense’s Defense Travel System. (DTS is an automated travel procurement/booking system intended to reduce the costs of administering civilian travel to military and civilian Armed Forces personnel.)
  • Provided architecture accommodating client requirements that the system be able to access multiple legacy systems. The EJB access layer, essentially an off-board server, used JBoss as the J2EE container. The access layer was delivered to the client and passed functional and load testing.


Senior Developer

Time Warner Telecom, Englewood, CO

MSAG (Master Street Address Guide) – system validated mailing addresses for US Postal Service

  • Improvement and integration of Time Warner Telecom’s MSAG database into their legacy application processes. (MSAG is a United States Postal Service database which is used to validate all U.S. mailing addresses.)
  • Analyzed the legacy look-up system, an HTML/Servlet/EJB application running under WebLogic, for methods to improve the response time. Determined that Oracle queries were not optimized. Once the DBMS queries were optimized, response time was brought below three seconds.
  • Evaluated and improved MSAG batch processing for Time Warner Telecom and Cable to enable more rapid response to new business requirements and database changes. Completing this project reduced processing time from twenty-two hours to slightly less than two hours.


V.P. Of Architecture / Chief Solutions Architect

Pacific Net Markets Solutions, Ltd., Hong Kong

Part of team that created and implemented the firm’s Java development platform and processes

  • Part of the original team hired by PNM Group to completely bootstrap the firm’s Java development efforts. At the outset, designed, implemented, and configured the initial Sun Sparc Development and Test systems, implementing Sun Solaris 7, Oracle 8.1.5 for Solaris, WebLogic Application and Commerce servers, Perforce version control software, and the Together-J object modeling tool.
  • Was instrumental in designing and implementing the configuration of the individual developer workstations, including hardware specification, directory structures standardization, and development tool selection.. After nearly 1.5 years the current configuration is little changed from the initial design.
  • Chief Solution Architect for several internal and external products, including FoodPacific, PrintPacific, PacificRx, and Talent2World. Duties included initial user interviews and actor analysis and initial object design. In addition, led the design team and guided junior staff through data model evolution.
  • Led the design team and guided junior staff through data model evolution.
  • Finally, as technical liaison accompanied the Sales team to client sites in order respond to technical questions about the software and PNM’s technical capabilities.


Java Architect, Englewood, CO was a young, aggressive, B2B player that took a unique approach to developing their system, using “best-of-breed” products in an effort to achieve a competitive edge. used combination of ObjectStore OODBMS, and Oracle 8I for handling their persistent data storage needs, a solely Java business logic layer and a presentation layer using Java, JSPs, JavaScript, and running on a Sun Solaris system. Only by having a good overview of how all the components fit together was I able to effectively deliver quality solutions.

  • As the architect tasked with enhancing the current legacy system to accommodate new user requirements, extracted requirements from management and investors, developing solutions which would best meet the requirements in a suitable time frame. Additional duties included documenting milestones, developing coding, and crafting solutions to problems discovered by our testing team. Obtained requirements from management and investors and developed solutions. Documented milestones, developed coding, and resolved test defects
  • Environment: ObjectStore OODBMS, and Oracle 8I for handling their persistent data storage needs, a solely Java business logic layer and a presentation layer using Java, JSPs, JavaScript, and running on a Sun Solaris system.


Senior Software Developer / Software Architect, Centennial, CO

  • Expanded the existing airline reservations system to include car rental and hotels. Because these arenas have different parameters than air travel, dealt directly with marketing to gather requirements. Used IBM’s VisualAge to implement Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) on intelliTRIP’s Weblogic/Tengah server, designing Sybase database DDL’s that accessed a Sybase Transact-SQL database. My work deployed on the live site in early 2000.
  • Gathered requirements from marketing department.


Senior Java Developer

First Data Corporation, Centennial, CO

IPSDirect project to reduce data entry errors and achieve significant cost savings.

  • I served as the lead Java GUI designer/coder on this project. IPSDirect runs in Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers and gathers data from FDC’s remote clients, feeding it directly into FDC’s IBM mainframes, and was expected to save the company millions in reduced data entry errors. IPSDirect is a 100% Java/Swing Web based application, whose GUI coding was done completely in IBM’s VisualAge for Java and takes advantage of many advanced Java Swing GUI beans. The GUI interfaces to a proprietary database interface designed at FDC.
  • Additionally, created and maintained the internal IPSDirect test deployment web page. This was done using a combination of NetObjects Fusion and straight HTML. [


Senior Developer

American Electric Power, Lancaster, OH

Java development for train shipping reports and Railcar Maintenance Management interface to DB2

  • Created first Java prototype for AEP, a JAVA prototype that modeled several of AEP’s production dialogs. The requirements were to run the same code on multiple operating systems. The final product used Symantec Cafe’s 1.0e, and JDBC. The final prototype displayed AEP’s train selection list box and launched a shipping report dialog. It also attached to the production database and displayed live data. The prototype ran OS/2 Warp machines, as well as Microsoft Windows based machines.
  • Modified the Railcar Maintenance Management (RMM) system to better suit the needs of American Electric Power (AEP).
  • Installed and configured a product which allowed Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets to directly interface with the production DB2 database
  • Integrated a product that could display spatial map information about where AEP’s trains, and individual cars, were last located.
  • Created an OS/2 Presentation Manager Graphical User Interface (GUI) for user interaction with a DB2/2 database
  • Gathered user requirements for GUI modification, designed, tested, and implemented.


Senior Developer

MCI Telecommunications, Colorado Springs, CO

During my tenure at MCI Telecommunications, I was assigned to three concurrently running projects:

  • The Emulator High Level Application Programming Interface (EHLLAPI) C++ class.
  • Application Gateway Monitor
  • PC/Gateway

Tasked with creating generic middleware objects which could be reused in other divisions of the company was the Original creator of the EHLLAPI class library, an IBM protocol for performing direct screen manipulation of an OS/2 COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER/2 3270 screen session. The EHLLAPI class was one of the group’s biggest success stories.

The Gateway Monitor project was designed to alert management to user network outages. The Gateway Monitor was a “simulated” user who would sign on and navigate thought a predetermined set of screens. If any of the screens were not available within a predetermined time limit, a warning was initiated. Used Guidelines, C++ and DB2/2 to create an automated 3270 console operator whose duties included automatically signing on to various CICS regions and assuring that specific CICS programs were running and available.

Cleaned up PC/Gateway and put it in a form that it could be packaged and sent to users. Responsibilities included: providing minor modifications to touch-up the COBOL code, writing new compile batch programs, putting modules into PVCS, writing compile documentation, and writing an installation program.



Northern Indiana Power Supply Company, Gary, IN

On contract to IBM Corporation to work on large OS/2 project with oil and gas company

  • Completed program specifications and produced OS/2 PRESENTATION MANAGER programs.
  • Environment: C, OS/2 PRESENTATION MANAGER and used DB2.



Digital Communications Associates, Aplharetta, GA

GUI design and development for DCA products

  • Rewrote the file transfer GUI for DCA’s first MS Windows based product on OS/2 Presentation Manager. Used as standard for product line
  • Redesigned GUI with Beta users, technical support, and other developers. Improved interface and ported 20% of the C code to the new design.



Federal Reserve Bank Of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Planning And Control System (PACS) application, an internal accounting package used to order and allocate money between the various Federal Reserve Banks.

  • Interpreted incomplete COBOL programming specs to produce OS/2 Presentation Manager/Communications Manager programs.
  • The development environment used IBM’s DDCS to allow developers to test OS/2 Database Manager applications on a local machine, and then re-bind to the mainframe host machine for final production testing.



International Business Machines (IBM), Las Colinas, TX

  • Led team of 4 that developed an application under OS/2 using the IBMCLASS (ICLUI) library. Was under consideration for becoming a commercial product or an enhancement to existing IBM products
  • Modified and enhanced the Extended Maintenance Option (EMO) system to receive change-request and scope of change-requests. Analyzed requirements, performed the necessary changes, and submitted the new code for testing.
  • Environment included OS/2, OS/2 Presentation Manager, OS/2 Database Manager, OS/2 Dialog Manager, OS/2 Communications Manager, and IBM C/2.



Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, TN

Project Description:

  • Designed, programmed, tested, and deployed the Equipment Downtime Tracking (DownTime) system for Oak Ridge National Laboratories. The DownTime system was written in OS/2 Presentation Manager, OS/2 Database Manager, OS/2 Dialog Manager, and C.
  • Designed, programmed, tested, and implemented a real-time data acquisition system using OS/2 to monitor thermal-cycling effects on nuclear weapons components at the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Plant. The Data Acquisition and ConTROL system recorded data from sensors at predetermined intervals. Storing data to optical disk, the system employed DDE to move data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for real-time graphing purposes.
  • Wrote several ADA programs for performing data acquisition for the Department of Defense.
  • Developed and modernized a mailing list software program for the in-plant mail delivery room at the X-10 laboratories using OS/2. The application operated as an umbrella with which other applications would be adapted.



Integrated Computer Systems, Oak Ridge, TN

  • Assisted with the analysis and coding of the Predictive Aircraft Maintenance System (PAMS), which reviewed and interpreted flight data recorder information from AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopters. PAMS was designed to schedule required periodic maintenance, emergency maintenance, and elapsed time maintenance, and also allowed users to examine data on components to determine over-stressing failure trends. PAMS was written in XDB/PRO, XDB/SQL, XDB/C, and C.
  • Designed, programmed, tested, and implemented an in-house financial tracking system for the U.S. Army Missile Command’s Hydra 70 project. Responsibilities included analysis of formal and informal information systems within MICOM, as well as designing, programming, testing, debugging, implementing, and documenting the financial tracking system. The project was written in INFORMIX 4GL, SQL and ESQL/C.


Programmer Analyst

Sage Federal Systems, Oak Ridge, TN

Using a proprietary CICS/COBOL CASE tool called APPS, I assisted in the application design and development for:

  • Application Design and Development for Centralized Civilian Pay System (CCPS),
  • Integrated Security System (ISS),
  • Defense Standard Ammunition Control System (DSACS),
  • and Foreign Military Sales and Accounting System (FABS).

Also designed and developed several small Ada programs for the US Military.



Fairbanks North Star Borough, Fairbanks, AK

  • Designed, programmed, tested and implemented programs for the MSA Human Resources system using MSA-4GL, Information Expert and COBOL.
  • Aided conversion of programs to IBM 4331 running DOS/VSE (running POWER) using ICCF in CICS test partition for an editor. Assisted with upgrading of software to IBM 4361 and developed dial-in-network that accessed land-parcel records.
  • Assisted in rewrite of Sales Tax System. Performed needs analysis for users. Created programs for personal computers, including programs that emulated those on mainframe. Supplied technical support to user community regarding various telecommunications packages. Performed cost analysis for upgrading network communications from BISYNC-sync protocol to SNA.
  • Performed programming functions for 1986 state elections which included installing required software, testing software and troubleshooting during election. Set up and maintained several local area networks for various divisions of the Borough.
  • Assisted local mining company in programming and IBM 3081. Performed user needs analysis. Installed fleet scheduling/maintenance package for transportation department which tracked maintenance and scheduled routes for bus fleet. Maintained hardware.





Bachelor of Science: Applied Organizational Management

Tusculum CollegeKnoxville, TN


Associate of Arts: Computer Information Systems

University of Alaska, FairbanksFairbanks, AK




  Sun Certified Programmer

  Sun Certified Developer

  Jboss Certified Consultant




Mongo University:

M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers

Mongo University:

M102J: MongoDB for Java Developers

Mongo University:

M101JS MongoDB for Node.js Developers


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